In-Person Training

I train clients in the heart of London using their home gym and the outdoors plus several private fitness studios, as well as in Brighton if desired.

To maximize the effects of our work, I also have access to some of the best body analysis teams in the world, as well as a holistic team.

As part of my program, I can recommend state of the art health screening evaluations (available only in London). These assessments and Strategy utilise the most scientifically advanced tests and diagnostic techniques to provide you with the most comprehensive understanding of your health available in the world today – clinically designed entirely for YOU by world leading experts in proactive health – communicated in plain English and summarised in your own Health Strategy plan. And once you have this knowledge, We will work with you to define a forward-looking programme for your future health. Helping you manage health concerns, live longer, live younger, have more energy, live life to the full.

Undergoing these elective tests and exercises will also help you determine the foods that are most aligned with your biochemistry and find out which are sabotaging your health and efforts at physical fitness and higher energy.

Tests will also provide info on foods you may be genetically predisposed to tolerating well or tolerating poorly in terms of overall vitality.

Some of the areas incorporated within the training are listed below.

Event Preparation: Learn to control your thoughts, and you control your results. I work with athletes, fighters, CEOs and actors. Mastering how to control your pre-event nerves, leaving you focused on the job at hand.

Confidence: In the public eye, in your private world or in your competitive field, learn to focus, conquer nerves, and turn fear to your advantage.

Weight Training: Perfect your technique, improve body tone, muscle mass and strength. Also kettle bell training, resistance bands and cable machinery, my plans are designed around you, your body and your fitness goals.

Circuit Training: For busy people who need a tight training regimen and lasting results.

Strength and Conditioning: Getting the most out of your body with correct technique and planning.

Rehabilitation From Illness and Injury: A program tailored to address your specific needs to heal both your physical injuries and mental scars.

Boxing and Pro Training: Learn the noble art with 1-2-1 training. Whether for self-defense, improved coordination, or just for fun: feel empowered!

Running Training: Awakening you and learning the correct form.

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