Cyrus Renfrew
After suffering serious spinal injuries, I am now back training again

My confidence in achieving goals has been restored.

JP is not just an excellent coach but also a good listener and able
to create the programs I need to keep me highly motivated. He has invaluably
helped me to achieve what three years ago neither the doctors nor I thought
possible. If your have suffered an injury I would strongly recommend a chat
with JP before making a decision.

Richard Mountain
I could’ve written 1,000 words

But by then you could’ve tried the training for yourself. It’s been emotional///and I don’t regret it!

Beverley Pond-Jones
I have trained with JP for about 9 months…

I went to him with a very weak left side due to surgery from breast cancer and a very damaged knee from a bicycle accident. Through his rigorous training, technical knowledge, energy, personality and sense of humor, he has managed to completely heal me and inspired me to continue training. He has given me my confidence back as I also lost a stone in weight. I thoroughly recommend him to everyone.

Thomas Mackillop
I thought I was just trying to slow middle age spread.

I discovered he was making a new and better, more confident, more determined, stronger, fitter and a body I can’t believe Is mine. I certainly have to work but somehow he gave me the ability to do things I thought I could never do. It’s hard to describe what he does, but there is something magical about it.

Fiona Mills
John Paul has been one of the most positive forces ever to enter my life.

I started to train with him at a very stressful time of my life when I was overweight, quite depressed and unfit. He understood what I wanted to achieve before I did, and took me on a challenging, exciting and educational journey, encouraging me all the way.

Though this unique and professional
approach to training he kept my interest alive and has transformed me into a
healthy, fit, strong and confident 40 year old in a short space of time. John
Paul has positively rearranged my mind, body and soul. I would highly recommend
him to anyone that wants a total life change.

James Lance
JP is a constant source of inspiration to me.

In a nutshell, he’s brilliant at helping people become the best version of themselves. I initially started to work with JP for aesthetic reasons; I wanted to lose weight and get fit. This happened but the experience was surprisingly profound. It’s not an overstatement when I say that JP has changed my life by guiding me further than I thought I could manage both physically and mentally. I now have access to a fresh belief system, which is helping me achieve my goals and realize my ambitions on every single level. JP’s intuition and playful nature creates a safe and humane environment which is important because I was seriously challenged which inevitably brought up old coping mechanisms that became redundant if I was to make a real change. JP’s knowledge is combined with an extraordinary amount of compassion that swiftly replaced the ‘old operating system’ and propelled me in a new and exciting direction. My experiences with JP have genuinely changed my approach to life. My daily life has changed considerably, I now look, eat and feel healthy. I even think healthier! But the best thing is that I am enjoying my life and have begun to really play with it in a fun way. I attribute this to JP and feel very lucky to have benefited from his particular genius, the resonance of which I see and feel on a daily basis. Not bad for someone I thought was just going to be a personal trainer. For me, he’s a life changer.